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Factory design & Equipment

Turn-Key solutions. Your one-stop-shop for any powder-coating need.

Powder coating factory and plant design. Wet spray booth designs

Factory Setup

With over 29 years of experience in the coating, manufacture and industrial industries we have the skills and expertise to provide you with a cost effective coating solution to meet any and all of your requirements.

We have designed and fully installed everything from small powder coating booths to large scale mass production robotic coating plants across South Africa and the African Continent.

Turn key powder coating solutions. In-house powder coating factories designed for your product.

We offer comprehensive and complete solutions tailored to best fit your specific needs and specifications. Our extensive experience and understanding of systems in various industries means that our turnkey solutions yield direct benefits and results. Our solutions are effective, efficient and easy to use. Our technical and engineering teams closely follow all the latest technological developments in order to offer you a state-of-the-art optimum solution.

Powder coating factory, equipment, design and installation

Factory designs

Our engineering team will custom design a coating factory to meet your requirements. We will design, build, fully install, commission, train your staff to run and maintain, as well as offer to service your factory with our own staff. We also maintain, change, and improve existing plants to keep up to date with the modern production methods.

Turn-key solutions

Factory design & Equipment: Features

Curing Ovens and railing systems

We offer affordable, customizable and robust curing ovens of all designs. Our ovens are designed with the latest heating technology which is reliable, efficient and frugal to run. PI Marketing ovens have been fine tuned over 30 years of reputable years in the industry.

Powder Curing oven, Batch oven

Batch Ovens

Built on site or prepared in our factory to pick-up and go. Can be custom designed and manufactured to your size specifications. Railing systems are an optional and can be fitted on request. L.P gas driven ovens with control box to give you the ability to set your baking time and temperature for the perfect cure every time.

Camel Back Ovens

For high productivity, quick out-turn and cost saving in large production.

Camel back curing oven / Production curing oven
Container oven, curing oven

Container converted ovens

Portable, water tight, easy to store and built to function outside if space for a factory is a deciding factor.


​We run a comprehensive in house training program which covers the entire field of powder coating. The training is comprehensive enough to be provided for buyers, maintenance staff, production managers and administrative staff. We train your staff to improve your quality, reduce coast, increase productivity, reduce maintenance, and improve on floor coating to increase your customer base as well as your profit margins.

Durban Alu Plant (3).JPG
Powder coating plants by P.I.Marketing.jpg

Technical Consultation

We provide technical consulting for fault finding and problem solving in the full spectrum of the wet and powder coating industry.
With 30 years of experiences in the coating field, we assist numerous companies to solve their coating problems as well as designing changes to more profitable forms of output.

Oven Calibration & Temp Recordings

This is done with on-line testing equipment which will not only record the radiant temperature but also the metal temperature as required by your customers. We will supply you with graft and multi point/time printouts as well as oven reports from our experts.

ISRI Fed 2019 a_edited.jpg
Factory design & Equipment: Products

Spray Booths and Pre-Treatment

We offer affordable, customizable and durable spray booths. Fully customizable booths for both Powder coating and wet spray. We design our booths to suite your product, not for your product to suite our booths.


Wet Spray - Water curtain booths:

Water wash spray paint booths use water as a filtration medium instead of dry filters. Paint overspray is collected and trapped in the water curtain or scrubber section of the washer and then is dropped down into a collection tank.

72 beaufort street 005.jpg

Auto Wet Spray Booths, walk-in wet spray booths, paint mixing rooms, Sanitation Booths.

Browse through photos of our wet spray booth,
              installed at Coega AutoSpary.


Powder coating booths

Our plants and equipment design team will custom design the coating requirements, build it, fully install it, commission it, train your staff to run and maintain it, as well as offer to service it with our own staff. We also maintain, change, and improve existing plants to keep up to date with the modern production methods.

Durban Alu Plant (5).JPG

Pre-Treatment systems

Amongst our services we also offer pre-treatment booths or spray tunnels. Fully automated functionality.

Factory design & Equipment: Products

Additional Factory Equipment and Supplies 

We offer affordable, customizable and durable associated ware parts. We are able to supply you with affordable factory equipment such as cyclones, burners and burner repairs as well as control boxes. 


We are able to convert your old and outdated electric oven to a modern LP gas oven. Our LP gas ovens, specifically, are leaps and bounds ahead in technology and effectiveness when compared to any electric oven.

  • Our LP gas ovens have a cycle time of 15 minutes to stoving temperature and stoving time. This equals a full cycle time of 25 minutes or less.

  • Our LP gas ovens are leading in its class of economy. Approximately 1 – 1.5kgs of gas per curing cycle with equals only approximately R35 per cycle burn.

  • Our LP gas ovens are not reliant on electricity and can easily be run off of a generator or inverter.

  • Our LP gas ovens have a 95% heating efficiency in relation to the LP gas used. This leads to more cures per hour allowing more profits as your expenditures are at a fraction of the original cost.

  • And lastly, our LP gas ovens are affordable to build and economical to run guaranteeing you that it will pay itself back in saving alone.

Factory design & Equipment: Image
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